Auxilary Products

8 Şubat 2019


TARMOND Brake Fluid DOT4 is a polyglycol type brake fluid formulated to provide extra braking performance under normal driving conditions. The combination of polyglycol ethers and borate esters enable the fluid to operate at an advanced level of performance throughout its service life, offering system protection together with
8 Şubat 2019


Brake Fluid DOT3 is a good quality synthetic base brake and clutch fluid suited to systems operating in moderate conditions. This includes primarily application in older types of vehicles, but also in some modern types
8 Şubat 2019

Organic Antifreeze G12+

TARMOND ORGANIC ANTIFREEZE G12+ Concentrate ANTI-GEL&ENGINE COOLANT Product Description TARMOND ORGANIC ANTIFREEZE is a extended service life OAT (Organic Acid Technology) formula that protects cooling systems. It is a superior, heavy duty diesel
7 Şubat 2019


TARMOND ANTIFREEZE is an ethylene glycol based engine coolant concentrate. Contains a carrefully selected additive package free of ingredients like amines, nitrites and phosphates, which could lead to deposits build up. It is suitable for both gasoline and diesel vehicles.