Tell us about your brand, we design you a solution !

Tarmond is a highly innovative independent blender of market-leading advanced oils and anti-freeze with a history of providing creative lubrication solutions for some of the world’s best known brands.

We care deeply about our customers who already have a motor oil brand or would like to launch a new one. We offer you tailor designed formulations to fulfill your required specifications and help you compete in your market with our best value products. We also help you with packaging and label design, if needed.

In the past, we have produced for many of the international brands such as Esso, Shell, Elf-Total, BP-Castrol, Mobil and Fiat Selenia as their toll manufacturer in Turkey.

Our current toll manufacturing portfolio includes:

Major global construction equipment brand- Engine oils and transmission fluids

One of the largest global car makers- First fill anti-freeze of 300,000 cars/year manufactured in Turkey

Scandinavian Do It Yourself brand with 100+ stores in 4 Scandinavian countries- Engine Oils, Chainsaw Oil , 2-Stroke (2T) Oils

Online retailer based in Sweden for Motorcycle spare parts that are sold worldwide- Engine and Performance Filter (K&N) Oils, Ester based oils, Snowmobile Oils, Anti-freeze

Tarmond has been helping world renown brands to realize their
Private Label projects for almost 40 years with success.