Product Description

TARMOND Brake Fluid DOT4 is a polyglycol type brake fluid formulated to provide extra braking performance under normal driving conditions. The combination of polyglycol ethers and borate esters enable the fluid to operate at an advanced level of performance throughout its service life, offering system protection together with a high boiling point that resists vapour lock and brake fade.

It has all the characteristics required to ensure the safe and reliable operation of vehicle braking systems:

High Boiling Point - minimises the risk of vapour lock occurring in the wheel cylinder even under the most extreme conditions.

High Wet Boiling Point – ensures continued vapour lock protection by maintaining a high boiling point throughout the service life of the fluid.

Optimal Viscosity – minimal low temperature viscosity ensures system responsiveness is maintained in very cold conditions whilst maximal high temperature viscosity ensures adequate lubricity and leakage prevention are maintained at high operating temperatures

Corrosion Inhibition - protects the full range of metallic components in the braking system from corrosion damage that can cause excessive seal wear or even loss of fluid and potential system failure.

Rubber Compatibility – with the range of elastomeric material commonly found in braking systems maximises the working life of system seals to ensure safe and reliable system operation

Fluid Compatibility - can be safely mixed with other brake fluids meeting the both DOT3 and DOT4 specifications.

Fluid Stability – against both high temperature and oxidation ensures stable performance characteristics for long and reliable service life

Suitable for use in all brake fluid systems in cars, motorcycles, and light commercial vehicles requiring either a DOT3 or DOT4 product (excluding brake systems where a mineral based fluid is specified). It can be used with either disc or drum brakes including vehicles fitted with ABS systems. It is also suitable for use in hydraulic clutch systems.
FMVSS No 116 DOT4; SAE J1704; ISO 4925 Class 4
Above are the typical values of the product.