In order to ensure the economic and ecological balance, Tarmond is committed to continuously improving and implementing its environmental performance in a corporate culture for its production, filling, shipment and sales of mineral oil, antifreeze and industrial liquids.

In this context, with the full support of top management;

* Developing mineral oils, antifreeze and other products for automotive and industrial use that do not harm the environment

* Protecting the environment in the stages of procurement, production and shipment in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and to ensure the efficient use of natural resources,

* Following national and international environmental legislation and to fulfill related obligations,

* Minimizing the pollution arising from production and service activities of the whole company and to reduce the consumption of natural resources, from raw material procurement to design, production, transportation, shipment and usage while increasing the useful life of the product and minimizing the possible pollutants to be given to the environment,

* Reducing the negative impacts on the environment and raising environmental awareness and protecting the environment with all employees, suppliers and suppliers.

* Serving as an example to third parties with our environmental performance are our top priorities.