Product Description

TARMOND ORGANIC ANTIFREEZE is a extended service life OAT (Organic Acid Technology) formula that protects cooling systems. It is a superior, heavy duty diesel and passenger car engine coolant, formulated to provide excellent corrosion protection for modern engine alloys found in radiators, water pumps and cylinder blocks and heads. TARMOND ORGANIC ANTIFREEZE is a nitrite, phosphate and amine free, fully formulated glycol coolant and has been designed to meet the requirements of the major European engine manufacturers. TARMOND ORGANIC ANTIFREEZE provides an effective heat transfer medium, with standing the high temperatures found in modern cooling systems, while also providing antifreeze protection to temperatures of -37oC at 50% v/v.

  • • It works well in conformity with all sealing elements and does not harm engine metals and hoses
  • • It prevents formation of corrosion and electrolysis. It increases the efficiency of the cooling system for a longer engine life
  • • It contains organic additives against corrosion, calcification and foaming
  • • It is compatible with all cooling system materials including aluminium and steel radiators
TS 3582; BS 5117, 6580; VW TL 774C, G12+; MB 325.0; ASTM D 4340
Above are the typical values of the product.