Product Description

TAREX ATF CVT FLUID is a blend of synthetic base oils and highly sophisticated additive package specifically formulated for chain and push belt ‘Continuously Variable Transmission’ (CVT) with engines up to 3,5 L. It has the critical frictional and viscosity characteristics required by the specified transmissions to provide superior performance and long service life with improved low and high temperature and anti-wear protection, especially for start and stop driving.

  • TAREX ATF CVT offers outstanding anti-wear protection even under severe operating conditions and meets the most demanding requirements of a CVT transmissions.
  • TAREX ATF CVT ensures very stable friction coefficients over the entire service time for reliable power transmission and lowest friction losses.
  • Special additive components ensure the best ageing and oxidation stability, as well as the outstanding protection against foaming which is specially required in CVT transmissions.
BMW 83 22 0 429 154; NISSAN NS-2; TOYOTA TC; VW TL 52 180; MB 236.20; FORD WSS-M2C928-A
Above are the typical values of the product.