Product Description

TARMOND TEXTAR K SERIES needle/sinker-oils are specially formulated for knitting machines with high speed by using the highly refined paraffinic based mineral oils with the special additives besides the lubricating additives which are all well balanced. Therefore they have an excellent lubrication performance. Because of their good resistance to oxidation, they prevent acids and sludges on knitting components and in the bearings. They have excellent protection against rust and corrosion and has high viscosity index. They emulsify in water easily therefore the fabrics with oil stains are cleaned easily. They are compatible with gaskets, seals and also machine-paints. They stay inert against synthetic and naturel fibres. TARMOND TEXTAR K SERIES do not interfere with elastomers and plastics. The oil viscosity selection is very important for productivity and efficiency. You should refer to the machine-makers’ recommendations for the right viscosity.

Above are the typical values of the product.