Product Description:

TARMOND MEA 701 is a cost effective, general purpose, multi-functional semi-synthetic emulsifiable cutting fluid with moderate oil content. Recomended for ferrous, non-ferrous and cast iron grinding and machining operation. Recomended concentrations between 4,0-8,0 % depending on the severity of the operation performed . Ability to make stable emulsions with water hardness between 5-20 dH (German). Very high emulsion stability, low foaming tendency, exellent detergency, very good cooling and lubrication property, very good corrosion protection and high resistance against fungi and bacteria are the benefits of MEA 701.

  • Very good rust prevention on parts after machining
  • Excellent detergency and cooling
  • Extended sump life – 6 months - 1 year
  • Exceptional Resistance to bacterial degradation
  • Adapted for a wide range of machine feeds & speeds
  • Fewer wearability on tools
  • Lower Operational temperature
Above are the typical values of the product.