Product Description

TAREX Multi Vehicle Synthetic Blend ATF is a premium formulation of synthetic base oils and highly sophisticated additive package that provides superior protection and performance in transmission: extended service life; improved low and high temperature stability, heavy duty, severe service and any – wear protection. High performance, multipurpose automatic transmission fluid (ATF) formulated in hydrocracked base oils which provide outstanding oxidation resistance and anti-shudder durability protection. Specially formulated to meet the needs of a broad range of light and heavy duty automatic transmissions fitted with or without torque converter lock-up clutch.

TAREX Multi-Vehicle ATF is a premium lubricant for car and truck automatic transmissions. Good maintenance practice dictates that automatic transmissions be checked for proper fluid levels at regular intervals, and that the fluid be drained and replaced at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend more frequent changes of transmission fluid under severe driving conditions such as those that occur in heavy traffic, in hot weather, or when pulling a trailer.
  • Long fluid life and long transmission life
  • Exceptional oxidation stability and resistance to chemical deterioration
  • Excellent flow properties at low start-up temperatures and high operating temperatures
  • Excellent lubricating characteristics for quiet operation, smooth shifting, and excellent wear protection
  • Excellent viscosity stability (high viscosity index) to help assure adequate lubrication without excessive thinning in severe high-temperature service or thickening at low starting temperatures
  • Dependable protection against rust and corrosion
GM DEXRON II, IIIG, IIIH; Ford (except Type F) MERCON V; Chrysler ATF-Plus, ATF+3, ATF+4; Allison C-4; MAN 339 C; Mercedes-Benz 236.6; Volvo 97341
Above are the typical values of the product.