Product Description:

Tarmond has developed a range of anti-drip synthetic chain oils specifically intended for operation at high temperatures (> 250°C). Chainlube S-Series are designed for a wide variety of chain applications where heat is a major factor. With its high polarity on metal surfaces and roller axles, they protect against wear for perfect lubrication of the mechanisms at very high temperatures. Formulated with special synthetic esters combined with the unique extreme pressure additives and detergents, it keeps the chains clean and lubricated properly.

TARMOND Chainlube S-Series; It is recommended to lubricate industrial conveyor chains and bearings such as furnace conveyor chains (paint and finishing), glass fiber, glass wool, chipboard, ceramics, textile, etc. which are widely used in the industry. The residue on the chain system should be thoroughly cleaned before use. In the opposite case, expected performance can not be obtained. It can be applied by brush or spraying methods. If it is to be used in a central spray system, cleaning nozzles and pipes as far as possible is particularly advisable in terms of consumption control.
  • It has exceptional heat stability.
  • It does not leave any residue on the chains.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Contains special additives to avoid dripping, as well as sticking.
  • It penetrates homogeneously to the chains.
  • Superior detergent additives keep chains clean.
  • The polymeric ester content reduces the friction coefficient to a minimum.
  • High viscosity index minimizes viscosity change at temperature increases.
  • Evaporation loss is very low.
  • Corrosion prevention is very good.
  • Compatible with rings, rollers, rubber belts and felts.
Above are the typical values of the product.